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Ray Franklyn is an Englishman now living in New Jersey and is affiliated to Ocean Christian Community Church in Toms River, New Jersey. His Gospel Show lasts for one hour and is split in to 2 parts. The first 40 minutes is his normal Family Show followed by 20 minutes of presenting the Gospel using magical entertainment.

Why does Ray use ‘magic’ to present the Gospel?
Answer: The use of magic is an exciting way to present the Gospel and Biblical Truths.

Should Christians use or perform magic?
Answer: At the beginning of his show, Ray explains that he does not use or have any special powers to perform miracles as it is only God who can perform miracles. All Ray uses is slight of hand and fun to put over The Gospel of Christ.

Why use magic to present The Gospel?
Answer: ‘Magic Tricks’ are only used as a tool, object lesson or as a visual aid in teaching a Biblical Truth or message of Christ. As a Gospel magician it is important that one stays focused on presenting The Message of Christ first and foremost. One must remain grounded in the truth and not waiver from what one believes. Gospel magic does not enhance the message, or give it more conviction. Magic is just the tool that when used properly can be both enjoyable and rewarding.

Ray would like to give credit to his friend ‘Gospel Dan’ for his help in putting this page together.